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It’s another.
First it was Facebook. Then Twitter. The latest thing is Pinterest.

I resolved to try it out, fully expecting to be as annoyed as I was with FB and Twitter. But to my surprise, I find myself actually enjoying it.
I like the idea that it’s all images. I like the idea that I can set up boards for different categories and pin relevant images on there. A bunch of things about which I had hazy pictures in my head, I find have coalesced into sharper focus after I’ve pinned a number of images. I think this thing could be really useful in creating vision boards for various things.

Verdict: Cautiously optimistic I think.



Take it from me, trying to configure the WordPress iPhone app on an iPod with a dodgy wi-fi connection at a cafe, is a feat not to be attempted in the best interests of one’s sanity.

I’ve always entertained a fondness for my local library. Two reasons, one: as a child and as an adult, I have always loved books. The idea of a space dedicated to books of all kinds is mind-blowing. The fact that the space is well-maintained, free, with the most comfortable armchairs known to mankind and with free wi-fi just makes it a little bit better.

Also, it’s cool to tap away at the ole’ Mac in there. So I decided I would try my hand at blogging from the Auckland City Central Library.

Having decided that, as per SOP (Standard Operating Procedure, for the ‘we don’t use acronyms’ lot amongst you) I procrastinated for about two years. Today though, even I couldn’t delay any longer. I was in the library with unlimited time and a rather limited wi-fi data allowance to spend. Only thing I didn’t have:┬ámy laptop.

‘But wait’, she says, ‘I have a cunning plan. I shall blog using the WordPress app on ye olde iPod.’

And so we come to the crux of this post. Downloading the app was fairly painless. Once it settled itself comfortably on the iPod, the next step was to enter the details for this blog into the app. As I was merrily going along entering details, I came to the password field, which of course I did not remember. When one has passwords for everything from Internet banking to online grocery shopping, one stops after a while and gives in to the inevitable ‘Remember Password’ option with much relief.

Anyway, being the tech savvy, internet geek that I am I knew exactly what to do. Technical thing this, not many people would do it: I pushed on the I-forgot-my-password button. And the site promptly said ‘I’ve sent you your new password to your email address.’ Right. So I go about launching the browser on the iPod. Gmail’s login screen struggles to squeeze itself onto the tiny screen but manages it somehow and as I type in my username, I realise that this password too – I have forgotten.

So I then tell Gmail I have forgotten my password at which point it proceeds to ask me questions in very tiny font. At first I think this getting me to read minuscule text is part of the procedure, like one of those ‘type in the verification text’ boxes.But no, it’s just the tiny screen again. The keyboard on the touch screen doesn’t help in such situations either. Especially if you have fat fingers or you haven’t cut your nails in the last two days. I speak from experience.

Anyway, I manage to answer all the security questions in spite of being disadvantaged by my fat fingers and uncut nails. Now I am allowed into my email. From there I pick up my new password for WordPress and race back to the app and set up my blog.

As I watch with pride my accomplishments of the last 45 minutes coming to fruition, I plan this post in my head. As I am mentally composing my magnum opus that will be published from the library, my sense of warm and fuzzy happiness is interrupted by an insistent beeping. I look around and finally discover source of said beeping is actually in my hand.

After all, when your iPod is dying because it’s run out of battery, all it can do is beep.

I ended up typing this post from my Mac at home.

But you can’t deny, I gave the old blog-from-the-library-on-the-iPod a damn good try.

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