The title for this post started out being a toss-up between ‘I’m A Twit’ or ‘I’m A Twitterer’. The former was abandoned because people might read it and go, ‘Hey! That’s right!’. Why help crystallize the nebulous opinions people have about me?

The latter was abandoned, for no reason in particular.

So Twitter, eh?

Back in the day, before everyone and his dog got on Twitter, it was fashionable to say, ‘Are you on Twitter? I am’. Now that everyone in the whole world is on Twitter, except me, its fashionable to say ‘Oh God! Twitter! I don’t twit or tweet or whatever it is you do on there.’

So what if I’m the only one saying it? Hey fashions have to start somewhere and more often than not, they start with one person.

And anyway, I don’t really know if @I’m cool, in (insert foreign country here) and on Twitter could handle tweets from such an action packed day:

Me time! Classic movie ‘(Insert movie name here)’ is now screening

1:28 PM Nov 8th via Twitter for iPhone

Review of movie to follow. Which one? Check previous tweets!

1:29 PM Nov 8th via Twitter for iPhone

(Cunning tweet to drum up some followers for my twitter stream. Hah!)

Oh wow! Three minutes in and I’m already hooked!

1:32 PM Nov 8th via Twitter for iPhone

Oops! Unscheduled break! Had to put bubby back to sleep but back on now!

1:42 PM Nov 8th via Twitter for iPhone

Crap! Fell asleep 😦 Restarting movie

3:45 PM Nov 8th via Twitter for iPhone

Restart postponed to wipe drool off couch cushions.

3:47 PM Nov 8th via Twitter for iPhone

Baby is up. Nap time is over.

3:50 Pm Nov 8th via Twitter for iPhone

Point to note here, I only wish I had an iPhone, or an iPad. I actually have an iPod.

Not that I’m interested in @I’m cool, in (insert foreign country here) and on Twitter‘s day either: I woke up, I drove to work, I got stuck in traffic, work sucks, the coffee at work sucks, the work at work sucks, the pay at work sucks….

Did you know this? So yeah, rather than contribute to the noise in cyber space I figure I’ll stay off Twitter until I have something earth shatteringly important to say.

Like what I’m having for dinner tomorrow.